Metabolic Core (MMD-CIVMC)

The Molecular Metabolism and Disease Collaborative In Vivo Metabolic Core (MMD-CIVMC) at Michigan State University (MSU) provides state of the art instrumentation to MSU researchers as well as external organizations studying metabolic (and other) diseases in mouse models.  The following instrumentation is housed in the Trout animal facility (a specific pathogen free facility) and the Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building (BPS):

  • TSE Phenomaster / Labmaster Metabolic caging system
  • Bruker Minispec LF50
  • Procedure room 14
  • X-RAD320 (located in BPS)

Our MMD-CIVMC personnel have over 19 years experience in the care and use of animals in research and provide expertise in many techniques used in animal research. Letters of support for grant applications plus information required for Animal Use Forms (AUFs) are provided upon request. There are scheduling calendars for each of the above pieces of equipment.

TSE Phenomaster / Labmaster Caging System
Bruker Minispec LF50

Bruker Minispec LF50 (located in the Trout animal facility) can be utilized for whole body composition analysis in live mice.

Procedure room 14

Procedure room 14 (located in the Trout animal facility) was renovated under the direction of research faculty in the Molecular Metabolism and Disease program to provide a modern workspace where researchers with animals housed in the Trout Animal Facility could carry out procedures on their animals without having to transport them back and forth to their own laboratories.

X-RAD 320 Biological Irradiator
X-RAD 320 Biological Irradiator (located in room 1114 Biomedical Physical Sciences Building) is a self-contained X-ray system for delivering radiation dosages safely and effectively to specimens e.g. cell cultures, small animals.