Procedure room 14

Procedure Room 14 (located in the Trout animal facility) was renovated under the direction of research faculty in the Molecular Metabolism and Disease program to provide a modern workspace where researchers with animals housed in the Trout Animal Facility could carry out procedures on their animals without having to transport them back and forth to their own laboratories.

The following equipment is available for use in room 14:

  • 4ft Labconco Purifier Logic, Type II Class A2 Biosafety cabinet with a carbon post filter and IV bar
  • LEI benchtop (Isoflurane) anesthesia machine with a 6-position manifold for the induction box and five non-rebreathing circuits. Include oxygen tank and F-Air charcoal filters.
  • Nikon SMZ—745T microscope with DS-Vil 2 mega pixel high speed color digital camera and DS-L2 Camera Control Unit.
  • Nikon SMZ-800 microscope with boom stand and flexible eye-pieces. Both microscopes have attached ring light with polarizer/analyzer.
  • Sorvall RT7 Plus Centrifuge with adaptors for various sized tubes i.e. eppendorf to 50ml
  • Pipet aid
  • Gilson pipettemen sizes: p10 (1-10µl), p100 (10-100µl), p200 (20-200µl), p1000 (100-1000µl)
  • Five compartment locker: each compartment with its own key for researchers to store items if they plan to use the room over an extended period of time.
  • Refrigerator with freezer section.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – disposable gowns, head covers, face mask, gloves are provided.